Elementor vs WP Bakery vs Divi  — Agency Perspective

HTML codes just got better and cleaner with “Drag & Drop” builders.

WPBakery, also known as Visual Composer is one of the most widely used visual builders for WordPress since a very long time. In fact, the WordPress theme industry gained the confidence to develop a beautiful user interface with the support of WP Bakery plugin.

It was really interesting to see the visual composer plugin coming along with the themes we purchase from Themeforest. In fact, Themeforest changed the entire web designing industry with the power of their marketplace.

Drag & Drop

If you’re a developer or if you’ve at least tried using visual builders like WP Bakery or elementor, then you would know the future of web designing.

Of course, the future of web designing is drag and drop, but that doesn’t mean that javascript and python are leaving the forest. To be very precise, designing a company website or an information website is becoming drag and drop in nature.

Visual Composer developed a strong foundation on WordPress, powering millions of websites with drag and drop design, thank you WP Bakery.

If websites could be designed with drag and drop, why do agencies exist?

That’s an interesting question asked by the layman, but the answer could be even more interesting. 

You can create a website with drag and drop on Wix, or maybe you can purchase a theme from Themeforest and just install it on your WordPress. You could even ask the ThemeForest team to install it for you at the cost of around $50.

But agencies do things differently.

Yes, we use the same WP Bakery or Elementor plugins, but with a different perspective. Agencies are a group of highly skilled professionals who know how things work on the market.

Let’s say you need a website, the first thing to do is not to keep a 3 hours schedule on your calendar looking for themes on ThemeForest.

The first thing that goes on to the to-do list is requirement analysis, you’ve to decide what exactly you’re contributing to the market place. Maybe you require a portal or something similar to Airbnb.

Let me tell you the fact that WordPress is not the right platform to build your Airbnb (that’s exactly why you need a requirement analysis).


Inside a web designing agency,

User experience professionals will decide the placements to deliver a beautiful user experience on the website.

Marketing professionals in the company will debate about the colors psychology and the position of “call to action” button, then comes the SEO guy who’s worried about the minimalistic design with minimalistic “content”.

Server professional will be working hard on making all these load faster. Then comes the business consultant who dives into Google analytics to predict better user experience techniques to be implemented on the website.

They use the tools depending on the needs. 95% of the sites we build at CodeSteak is powered by Elementor and we are proud of it. Elementor is a powerful and scalable visual builder for WordPress and it’s way too much better than WP Bakery.

Also, agencies don’t care about adding more CSS or js codes to your website, it’s all about using the right tool at the right place to make users go wow.

WPBakery vs Elementor

Imagine for a moment that WPBakery is Android and Elementor is iOS.

Android comes inbuilt with Android phones, just like that WPBakery plugin coming alone with most WordPress themes you purchase from Themeforest or even other marketplaces.

You get the actual premium version of WPBakery plugin with the theme purchase and you’ll even get a lifetime update for “single-user license” from the theme provider. 

It’s actually a limited space with lots of bugs. Each developer, develop their themes differently but all of them use the same WPBakery inside it. The developers do make a lot of mistakes which turns out to become bugs in future. 

That’s why WPBakery is unreliable in the face of millions. It’s not just the problem with WPBakery, it’s the problem with the developers who kill the face value of WPBakery just like Chinese devices killing the face value of Android.

The real competition comes between Divi (which is a theme developed by Elegant Themes) and Elementor. Divi and Elementor do share the same nature as a drag and drop visual builder. Divi is powerful and interesting enough to develop your own beautiful website.


Elementor is better!

Elementor is absolute iOS. It’s a plugin that stands alone and it doesn’t come with any themes. In fact, Elementor is “Telegram” if Divi is “WhatsApp”.

At CodeSteak, we design websites with Elementor and it’s a very strict policy in our company to use Elementor as the visual builder. 

Why is it so strict?

Our team has experience in developing and designing with WordPress since the last 6 years and we’ve tried visual builders like WPBakery, Divi, Thrive builder and finally Elementor. 

Elementor is the best considering the range of “corrections” requested by the client.

Elementor can do things better than Divi or WPBakery. In fact, the WPBakery plugins work with a lot of other plugins totally converting the dashboard into clutter. Divi is clean with less clutter, but it’s definitely buggy at times.

WPBakery irritates us a lot and makes us less productive, Divi keeps it clean but limits us from expanding whereas Elementor just gave us a mental comfort to work on something with ultimate scalability and productivity.

Elementor is fast, and bug fixes happen overnight. The elementor team is consistently making it better with interesting updates and jaw-dropping features that definitely makes sense to agencies and clients.

They solve real-world problems!

It’s buttery smooth and the experience is absolutely brilliant. There’s nothing to worry in visual building when you’ve elementor installed.


You’ve to consider the pricing when you talk about these visual builders. Divi and WPBakery are definitely cheaper than Elementor by all means.

Divi and WPBakery come at a one-time price tag of $200+ whereas Elementor comes at $200/year.

But for every penny you spent, Elementor is absolutely worth it (considering that you’re looking for a long term business with your website). 

From an agency perspective, it’s pretty self-explanatory that Elementor is the right investment and it definitely turns out to be a profitable deal when you’ve clients to serve. 

From a personal perspective, I’d still go for an Elementor Single user plan which comes around $45 per year to deliver the same experience. I’d not stick with WPBakery because it’s junky and it irritates me a lot, I also don’t want to mess up with lazy Divi.

Bottom Line

It’s just personal preference. Guess the best part?

You can try these yourself. Though WPBakery doesn’t have a demo plan, Divi and Elementor definitely got one. You can try their free versions and see yourself whether it suits you.

If you feel Divi is better than Elementor, who’s pulling you back from your choice? 

Well, if you want to design a website with Elementor, we can help you get started. Drop us a message and we will get back to you with a free requirement analysis report within 24 hours. (It’s free, absolutely free).

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