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Frequently asked questions.

CodeSteak LLP is a team of UIX (user interface and experience) designers working on a world famous platform popularly known as WordPress. We develop websites and design the UI with utmost care and detail. Creating minimalistic yet performing design is nothing but our passion. Read more about us.

Yes, we do (but with codes). Well, the idea of making a brilliant steak starts with raw meat. Just like that the idea of developing a beautiful website starts with raw code. We are the chef’s who makes the steak with utmost care and precision (tenderloin is our favorite).

Let it be any package, the fundamental delivery includes a website, a cPanel login which gives you access to the server and other core files, WordPress admin access, and domain access if we purchased it. Apart from all this, we are always here to deliver almost everything including our heart or your code. The website is yours, we are just helping you get that done.

WordPress is a brilliant CMS which receives continuous features and security updates which makes it affordable and strong. Our server professionals and the server itself has the most advanced technologies including multiple backups to protect your data from getting breached. 

Our team is dedicated to keeping an eye on your website at certain intervals just to make sure that your website is having a good time. Security updates, malware scans, framework update etc are done at proper intervals to keep the website secure. Apart from that, all our package comes with SSL security (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption) which puts another layer of security on your website. 

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. Over 172 million websites are being developed on WordPress since its launch in 2003.

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. Launched on September 27, 2011, the plugin quickly became popular.

In 2018, 63% of the users used their mobile device to surf the website. Which means that mobile devices are dominating the market. Well, a responsive design is nothing but building a website which is flexible to any device. Let it be your laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet or even your smartwatch.

The design is engineered in such a way that it adapts the screen (corner to corner) without any mercy. We only design responsive websites, it’s useless otherwise.

Depends on your requirements and the time slots available. On an average, it takes just 15 days to completely deliver a website, but it totally depends on the requirements. The time span is different for different packages like e-Commerce or a custom package.

We don’t usually rush, because the brain takes time to process the data to deliver something beautiful. The primary aim is to come to that median point where both of us becomes happy with the website and the time span. Let’s talk?

Well, it’s cheap. The annual charges which include server renewal come at a fixed price of INR 5,000 (approximately $100) every year from the second year. The package doesn’t include an annual maintenance contract which is a different story altogether.

Not necessarily, but we just love AMC’s. Even though we share the best time of our life with clients helping them solve their problems, AMC’s makes it stronger. When we establish an AMC with a client, we get this feeling of working together as a team for the years to come. It feels so good to grow together and that feeling cannot be expressed in words 🔥

We totally understand your concern. Well, all the packages come with a cPanel server which could handle pretty decent traffic that comes to a website. While analyzing the requirements of the client, we ask them about the expected traffic. 

We then sit with our server professional to figure out the best server option for our client depending on the website content, traffic, location of the traffic and a few other parameters. 

Just don’t worry about the server, we have the best ones with unbelievable uptime. They all run on green energy and delivers the maximum speed with insane caching technologies. Let’s have a word on this topic, isn’t it too interesting?

Thank you very much for that appreciation. I’d like to take this moment to thank the CodeSteak LLP team including me for working hard on designing this website with lots of caffeine. 

Well, the best part is that we are capable of making a better one for you depending on your requirements, give us a chance and we will show you how it’s done. Don’t you want to see it?

An advance of 33.33% should be made to start the work, which will let us start the first phase of the website, which is the structure. After the structure development, another 33.33% of the amount should be released in order to start the content upload work. The remaining 33.33% should be done while we deliver the website.

Definitely, all our bills come with Goods and Service Tax bills according to the rules of Govt. of India. You can get all your GST benefits with our bill and that’s guaranteed.

Why not? We accept all kinds of payments including Cash (up to INR 10,000), Cheque in India, Card Payments (VISA, MasterCard etc). We even accept international payments via PayPal & Payoneer.


Well, you got three options.

  1. You can raise a ticket here and we will get back to you with a possible solution.
  2. You can email us the problem at [email protected] and we will take care of it.
  3. You can call us, that’s more comfortable if want something to be done very urgent.