say codesteak

We are designers, developers and deployers.

Software is changing every day, every month. Our aim is to ensure sustainable modernity for everything we build. We do that with serverless.

Two employees working with computers
At Database we use computers
Office with a phone booth
Our phone booths are nuts
Picture of the Fraumunster Zurich
Home sweet home
 Join Database, be yourself.
Join Database, be yourself.

Why _cs?

We're from India
We build from India, we're from India. Resources is now available in India at scale.
Our team is picked like a cherry. We have the best designers, developers and deployers.
Not Just Code
It's not just about the code. We go beyond the line to serve what's needed and required.
We strongly believe in the power of software to change the world. We build softwares that matter.
All our decisions are backed by data. We don't make decisions based on gut feelings.
Function First
As much as we focus on design, our approach is always function first. We make it work, first.
First Principles
Driven by first principles, we build and approach software from a physics perspective.
No Compromise
We don't compromise on design, or user experience. We build softwares that we want to use.

Our Vision

We believe that businesses should focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional products and services to their customers. Managing complex software systems can be a significant distraction from your core objectives. That’s where we come in. At _cs, we take care of all your software needs, allowing you to concentrate on driving growth and achieving your business goals. By partnering with us, you gain access to a team of experts who are passionate about technology and committed to delivering solutions that enhance your productivity and success.

We provide the flexibility and speed necessary to stay ahead of the competition. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to ensure our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

– k.