Everything new.

Serverless world is a happening place. Here are some updates.

SupabaseJul 6, 2024

Supabase is now generally available.

Supabase (a firebase alternative) is a great product which has be consistently tested by our team. They've gone GA (generally available) mode and we've added them to our stack. Today onwards, all our customers get the option to use Supabase Postgres managed serverless DB for their applications.

What's the benefit?

  • Postgres: Supabase provides serverless managed deployment of PostgresostgresDB. Enabling the features of Postgres at serverless.
  • Edge Functions: We love their edge functions that helps us run cron jobs and deploy scripts in few minutes time.
  • Authentication: Supabase comes with in-built authentication features with more than 50+ providers across the web.
  • Improving Their team has consistently added features to their service and we expect them to do that at scale.
ServerlessJune 1, 2024

We're pivoting to serveless design to deployment

At _cs, we believe that the future of software is in AI and serverless technologies. We've consistently built beautiful yet highly performing applications for our customers, today we're designing to do that in the most modern way possible. Hello, serverless.

FramerMarch 31, 2024

Framer. That's the new word for Websites

Framer is very new to town. The introduction of Figma and Webflow was a breakthrough for us and it helped us build beautiful designs and develop the same with the power of figma and Webflow. The growth of that industry took off and now controlled by Framer (replacing Webflow). Framer isn't really a serverless provider. They focus on helping designers build any website with any function anytime with their platforms. It's like the photoshop of web design. We love it, our clients love it and now the world is starting to love it. So we've integrated Framer to our service.

WordPressJanuary 31, 2024

Bid bye to WordPress. Thank you!

Our start in 2018 was inspired from WordPress, an open-source platform that has helped billions of websites go live. Our experience with WordPress and the number of websites we've designed has no limits. Due to the current weather at WordPress with lots of malwares, in-consistent plugin updates and the complaints from clients, we've decided to stop taking WordPress projects. Thank you WordPress.